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TalentID is a human resources and training company, dedicated to creating distinctive, unique and innovative training programmes and HR solutions


Our Philosophy

TalentID has been established by Jane Tegerdine who has worked in Human Resources for more than 20 years in a wide ranging number of industries, including Legal, Investment Banking and more recently based in Luxury International Hospitality brands, Four Seasons and Westin Hotels, (part of Starwood Hotels and Resorts).

We aim to develop great human resources policies and processes to deliver high performing teams. We offer practical, honest and workable advice for business Owners, Managers and Leaders. We will always give great service to our clients and we will always deliver on our promises.

Our philosophy is that people are central to every business, whatever the size of company or industry. Engaged and energised teams give businesses maximum productivity and enhanced financial performance.

Our Vision

For Human Resources to be a central part of every business. We aim to tailor our service to help start ups, established businesses and those who are trying to keep ahead of their competition.

We want to help businesses develop their people and build a strong service culture.